Zirx Valet Service


Usually when I go to Comic Con I ride the trolley. To be honest it’s usually a mess of people overcrowded on the trolley in the mornings with people literally butt to butt standing. Q But there is a new app called Zirx. It is $15 for all day valet parking a driver will come pick up your car and drive it to the parking lot where you are at. The driver will give you a security code to make sure they work with Zirx. For added security they add the drivers picture. When your ready to leave you click call car on the app and the driver will come drive and bring the car wherever you are at. This service is beyond helpful. It is easy. You don’t have to walk to find your car. There was barely any wait to for the driver to get to the car or bring it back. I am definetely Prob gonna use it  tomorrow! If you use my code ESTEFANIC1 you will get your first experience for free! Try it out and don’t forget to tip

San Diego Comic Con

I love going to San Diego Comic Con! I am beyond excited for next week! There’s a ton of free cool stuff to do outside of comic con. Everything from free entertainment, snacks and prizes. I have had a ton of fun and got pretty cool stuff at events outside in the gas lamp around Comic Con. The following is a list of free events available outside comic con so go check them out you never know what you will find. Last year I was able to see and get an autograph from Norman Reedus at the Petco Interactive Zone.


Petco Interactive zone– located just across the bridge from the convention center this is where you can find a ton of free swag and food trucks. Scream Queens will have a free drop ride. Tons of cool photo opportunities.

Nintendo Gaming lounge- test out free games, contests and get cool swag. One of my favorite locations to visit. Marriott Marquis and Marina, 33 W harbor Dr located next to the convention center. July 9-11: 10 am to 7pm ; July 12: 10 am to 5pm

Conan– if you were lucky and got tickets you’ll see there is an amazing guest list. If you would like go on 1iota and request tickets for Conan bingo which seems like a lot of fun. AT&T is sponsoring a double decker bus around comic con where you will be able to watch the show inside as well as get free swag

Adult Swim- sign up here for a free carnival free with an RSVP. Free rides, free wifi, photo opportunities, night time screenings, and signings. Comic Con badge is required. Excited because usually you need to win a ticket to get in. Located behind the convention center at Convention Way & 5th Ave Pier. July 9-11: 12pm to 7 pm and July 12: 12 pm to 5pm

Nerdist Conival: free laser tag, games, prizes , board games. Tons of appearances check the link for time and dates. Petco Park, 100 Park Boulevard. July 9-12 from 11 am to 5pm

Impractical Jokers’ Museum of Impractical History: “Photo booth, spray paint tattoos, social vending machines, caricature artist, “Drop a Ninja” Fan Wall, “That Bitch Irene” Petition, Show Artifacts/Props, and Fan Art room. 363 5th Ave

FX Fearless Arena: read more about it here. open July 9: 12 pm to 6pm. July 10-11: 10 am to 6pm. July 12: 11am to 5pm

Assassins Creed: free obstacle course. MArtin Luther King Jr. Promenade on Harbor Drive: July 9-11: 10 am to 6 pm. July 12 it will close 1 hour earlier at 5pm

Lego Dimensions: free games, surprise guests and picture opportunities: Hard Rock Hotel, 207 5th Ave. July 9-11: 3pm to 7pm. July 12: 10 am to 2pm

Xbox Lounge: free games. Badge is needed: Seaport ball on the second level of the Manchester Grand Hyatt. July 9-11: 11 am to 8pm. July 12: 10 am to 5pm

Lexus partnered with Adult Swim will be providing free rides in hybrid cars to those 18+

KFC is providing free wifi in the Gaslamp! Hooray finally because getting service before was impossible. I will be posting a ton while walking around Comic Con. follow me on IG @ tefytefy 🙂


Game of Blogger meet up- for bloggers and fans to meet up. Appetizers will be served. 9pm to 11 pm. Dragons Den, 315 10th avenue


Impractical Jokers’ Museum of Impractical History will have free Breakfast: Buritos, salsa, coffee and BBQ chips. from 10 am to 12 pm. Address is provided above. There will also be snacks available from 4-5

MTV Fandom Fest: free food, giveaways, and games. Free concert featuring All Time Low and Flo Rida. appearances by Tyler Posey (“Teen Wolf”) and Bella Thorne (“Scream”) to host the MTV Fandom Awards. Petco Park: 7pm to 10:45


Fashionably Nerdy: free swag to the first to arrive, prizes and raffles. The Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Lobby Bar, 1 Market Place: 5 pm

Super Geeked up- chance to win prizes, table top games and cosplay raffle. 3220 Adams Ave. &pm to 10 pm

Nerd Night– Free food, drinks and prizes:  Makers Quarter, 753 15th Street, San Diego, CA. 7pm to 10:30 pm

Pernicious– Free movie screening: Hyatt Grand Manchester, Coronado Ballroom time: 10:10


Adult Swim Fan Event: 18 + & must have SDCC badge; free premier screening, free robot chicken shirts, free food which is probably fried chicken since it is sponsored by KFC

Vacation- free movie click here to get tickets. Reading Gaslamp 15, 10 pm

7-11: free slurpees! located a few blocks from the convention center

Friday and Saturday: 

Comedy Central Con: free minigolf, gif pictures, prize wheels and meet stars: San Diego Wine & Culinary Center, 200 Harbor Dr. #120: 11am to 8pm

Webtoon: download the app and get a free drink. enjoy free phone chargers, makeovers, and gif photo booths. Lou and Mickeys- across the street from the convention center Friday- 10:00am- 3:30pm Saturday- 10 am to 5pm

Free Red Vines: at Petco Park sponsored by Walker Stalker Con


Cousin Fair Adventures



My cousin had been begging her parents to go to the fair but they were always busy. We decided to venture off to the fair! wooo cousin date! It was a fun day. We rode this giant tall ride that takes you across the whole fair. I’m surprised that my little cousin rode on it because she is such a scaredy-cat. We played a million fair games trying to win that Giant Fluffy Unicorn! We ended up not winning the unicorn even though the carnival workers kept demonstrating very easily how to win. They also were very nice and gave us tons of free plays since we were there for a long time and spent so much money. The last game we played was for a gold fish since it was only 50 cents for 3 tries. My little cousin really wanted a gold fish. She had been talking about it since we got there. She won the gold fish on a second try. To end the day we went and redeemed our free coupons for Italian ice at Ritas. I got pineapple and my cousin got juicy pear.