Learning to Surf

Finally I am learning how to surf. I live in surf city where everyone here knows how to surf. I am surprised the waters warm. This is the fourth time that I have gone out in the water. My friend is teaching me how to surf. He said I have been doing much then he did when he was just learning. I have stand up since the second time. It is somewhat hard by the way my body is covered in bruises, but it is really fun. Have already lost my two pairs of sunglasses to the water. I also got a really bad sunburn last time but that is not stopping me. It is helping not just physically but it is also relax especially at night when I’m so tired I no longer have insomnia. It will hopefully help me lose a few pounds so I can look and feel extra good for my friends wedding in a few months. I want to ride down on the inside of a barrel roll. Here’s a picture, hopefully I will have better pictures next week when I get a waterproof case as well as a Sony EE 55-210 oss lens for the camera. This picture is taken from my Iphone 5

Loki Black Beauty

This is my dog Loki! She has a million nicknames 😛 She is super cute. She is a rescued dog from the shelter. Loki is about 3 years old. She knows a ton of tricks that I taught her myself. She knows shake, sit, lay down, sit on your butt lol 😛 She loves playing catch and going to the beach. She also likes long walks at sunset. She also loves to lick 😛 Love her <3

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Thailand Snack Sampling

We spend like all day with my grandma since she is sick with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We shot this at like 1 am. Which is probably not a good time to eat a bunch of candy. My sister came back from Thailand and brought us a bunch of snacks from Thailand. I actually saw the first sour candy at World Market, you should go check it out if you want to try it for yourself.

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtmgWbfXGyg” ]