Shawn Mendes

Went to a private fan experience for Shawn Mendes! Initially I was trying to win tickets to see Taylor Swift but later I found out it was a raffle for Taylor swift tickets meet and greets, and a flyaway to Florida. Sadly I didn’t win but I got to see Shawn Mendes. I love him especially his song stitches! I asked all my friends and no one even knew he was.. Anyways I could of gone alone but I decided to be nice and make someone’s day!!! I went on the radio stations Twitter and they were having a poster making contest. They already had picked a 1st but I decided to pick one of the 2nd best to bring with me. Collaberatively with my friend we narrowed it down to the top 3 and initially picked a winner. Oh yeah I have a Twitter now @cocoa1sparkle since so many of my followers have been asking as well as for messaging the winner. We had a blast it was an awesome experience! We even got free pizza. Loved making someone’s day! Especially since she was such a fan.

Hello Kitty Everything

IMG_1491.JPGDSC00610 DSC00648 IMG_1500.JPGIMG_1488.JPG DSC00636 DSC00659 DSC00617 DSC00619 IMG_1482.JPG DSC00664IMG_1481Yesterday my little cousin and I woke up at 5 am and headed off to Las Vegas to catch the Hello Kitty SuperCute Friendship Fest that took place in The Orleans Casino.Surrounded by Hello Kitty everything, everywhere you turned cute little themed characters were there. I was astonished at how much cute things were there. Even the attendees were in cute Hello Kitty clothing and accessories. Of course me and my cousin were sporting our bows. Lol I was glueing them in the car on the way there 😛 There was a ton of photo opportunities for awesome pictures. As soon as we walked into the arena we were welcomed by the characters and dancers on the stage with a welcoming songs and dancing. I was surprised on how many shows they offered at the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival. There was a show going on every 15 minutes and each show was different. I was surprised with their intense dance skills. The costumes were really cute and intricate for the dancers. All the Sanrio Characters were incorporated in some way. Even the phone chargers were incorporated into a milk bottle. They even incorporated the audience by having an intense dance battle with in the audience adults. There was a ton of things on display that I wish that were on sale for purchase. We got a meet and greet with Hello Kitty and my little cousin was super excited. There were a couple of activities there like writing letters to Hello Kitty on these super cute paper, making Hello Kitty Oragami, face painting, and coloring. There was even a giant Hello Kitty Jumper. The last activity we did was to get tatted up! I got the cutest tattoo ever of a little fatty called Purin <3. My cousin got the little twin stars tattoo and it was super cute too. Although my tattoo didn’t even last an hour before it was scratched off 😛 but my cousins one is still there. With our tickets there was a free alcoholic drink or soda that could be redeemed in any of the bars in the hotel for the adults 😉

Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival DIY

DSC00352DSC00347Yes super excited in a few days we will be making our way to Las Vegas in order to make it to the Hello Kitty Festival! If we make it 😛 going to have to leave very early to make it to the festival and it is about a 5 to 6 hour trip. I am beyond surprised that the Hello Kitty Festival is only 3 hours, so we definitely need to leave early cause it starts at 12pm. I made the bows that are pictured above. The Hello Kitty’s on the middle of the bows are actually tattoos that I received at Comic Con a few years ago. I transferred the tattoos on to white fabric and then glued them to red foam craft paper. The red foam I removed from this goody bag I received from one of my cousins birthday. The bows I made with fabric that I had from another project; there are a ton of tutorials for no sew bows on youtube and they are super easy to follow. Heres a great tip when making the middle part of the bow what holds it together I used a pipe cleaner but you can use the little twist ties that come with bread. The last step is to glue everything together and glue a clip to display it in your hair. Not only are they cute but they are also environmentally friendly and made with 100% materials I recycled.