First Time

DSC01093DSC01113 DSC01120IMG_3509.JPGThousands of people gathered in Del Mar for the Inaugurated KAABOO festival. It was the place to dance in the crowd while listening to music you love. It was also the place to discover new music and artist. I ventured around the whole venue. With over 100+ musical performances and 7 stages there was something there for everyone. We walked in with no wait through the front door. No waiting in long lines or anything, everyone off venturing off to their hearts content. Every stage we went to there was a ton of people, but we were still able to get through the to a good spot in the crowd. We were able to dance around with the ecstatic crowd at every stage. There was a ton of space to show off those amazing dance moves. We saw some of our favorite bands. The line up was amazing with a ton of variety. The first day kicked off with my friend Micky to the most memorable, amazing first time experience to the all new KAABOO. There were so many shows I wanted to catch but it was impossible when they were playing at the same time. For example I had to pick between watching No Doubt and Snoop Dogg and it was the hardest thing ever.

We started off by entering and exploring everything as we made our way to the main stage. The first band we watched was Fitz and The Tantrum. Whose beats were perfect to get us pumped up and ready for the day. I love the sound of their music. Next we walked over to check out the rest of the scene and ended up staying to watch Delta Rae. We were impressed with the singers vocals and liked their music. And decided to stay. Then we watched Dirty Heads at the same stage which was also amazing, definitely was perfect to dance to. I was amazed from Dirty Heads had a lot of songs that I know and love that i did not know they sang. Im definitely glad my friend it is one of my friends favorite bands and we went to check it out. After Dirty Heads we went to go check out No Doubt. No Doubt was Amazing! I loved how No Doubt just pulled fans up on stage by having the security guards pull them up the fence. How crazy is that! You could definitely tell that they love their fans. We then headed to the indoor venue called Encore which was the perfect place to dance all night long. I wish we could of stayed until they kicked us out because the performances did not end until 2:30 am. But we were tired and needed rest to prepare for the other days.

KAABOO was also an awesome place to connect and meet some of the many talented performers. I ended up running into Delta Rae and was able to chat with all of their members of their band. I was walking and a women approached me and asked me where the bathroom was at and I walked her there. I had a feeling that it was Aino Jawo from Icona Pop and it later I realized it totally was. I had emailed Snoop Dogg’s publicist about perhaps getting an interview just because I thought it would be interesting to ask about his music but in particular I wanted to ask about his online presence on Reddit and his football league. I was told by Snoop Dogs manager to come to his trailer after the show for a meet with the artist but we decided to head over to see No Doubt and hope they ended at the same time since they were playing at the same time. I ended up getting the most amazing spot at No Doubt right against the fence in the front row on the right side but It was impossible to leave with so many people behind me.  The show was amazing but I ended up not able to get a picture with Snoop but as soon as I arrived I saw him get into his bus and drive off. But I got to hang out with Kurupt Young Gotti and E-40 and it was definitely interesting. They were so nice and I definitely appreciated the ride to my car.


DSC01085 DSC01077Warm temperatures and that San Diego beach vibe is what surrounded the areas of Del Mar for the newly inaugurated music, food, and comedy experience named KAABOO. With over 40,000 expected occupancy of this new type of music festival. I was excited because this is the first music festival I have ever attended. Everywhere I read established KAABOO with a new defined luxury music festival with lots of different commodities. I was excited and definitely wanted to go on the hot air balloon rides they have sponsored by Hensrick’s Gin. Best of all the rides were free. Sadly, on Sunday when I went to sign up the line got filled one person in front of me. There was so much things to do at KAABOO I wish it were longer. I had the best time ever even though I was definitely tired at the end of the day from dancing out and jamming out from some of my favorite artists.

This is the outfit I wore for the first day of KAABOO, it is a palm tree and hibiscus matching set. It was cool and breezy and went perfect with the theme of KAABOO. I used this henna tattoo set that I bought at PacSun. I bought the Paisley one and it came with a left and right hand tattoo. I only used the left one because I had already put on my bracelet and it would have been impossible to put on the right one. It comes in one big sheet and you just lay it on your hands and put water on the back. No cutting or anything needed.

If your going to a music festival where there is going to be sand and dirt, I would suggest wearing closed shoes. Newbie mistake of wearing sandals.



Think It Up

IMG_3442IMG_3455Promoting Education is key in providing a future for the next generation. Currently I am involved in a nonprofit organization which brings unprivileged youth with free class to allow them to learn to code in order to help them succeed and keep them motivated for the future. On Friday I attended Think It Up an event filled with performances by Justin Bieber, Big Sean and Kacey Musgraves and many other celebrities as the joined forces to promote education. I was in the fan pit in the left side of the stage with only one other girl in front of me. I did not take a lot of pictures because we were not allowed to from the fan pit since it would look weird on TV if everyone had their phones out. Despite the difficulties I had finding the parking lot to the event the event was amazing. It was an inspirational event that has caused me to feel really good about the things I do to help out the community. There was an amazing after party with food trucks and drinks. There was so much food, and I wanted to try it all but there was just too much.