North Italia

A brand new restaurant just opened in Fashion Valley called North Italia. I came to try it out for myself. This place has all homemade and made at the moment food. The menu of course is Italian food. Each table has these little fresh flowers and a candle burning to add a slight romantic feel.

The first thing I ordered was a chef’s board as an appetizer. The perfect starter for anyone with the variety of choices it has including cheese, olives,¬†marcona almond and more. The jam or preserve that came with the board was intriguing savory and sweet. To accompany the chef’s board, I ordered a Julietta cocktail. This cocktail tasted like a ginger lemonade with a twist. It also came with a real flower garnish.

As for the main entree, there was a lot of yummy sounding choices. The pizza and pasta are homemade and fresh. I had the chicken pesto and it came with gigli pasta. This pasta was delicious and soft and fresh. You can definitely taste between the dried pasta you buy in the store and fresh made. It was beautifully adorned with pine nuts and toasted capers.

After all that food, I was stuffed but I had to get dessert since I have such a sweet tooth. I got the almond and mascarpone tart. rich and decadent covered with a cranberry orange composite.

Overall I loved the experience and can not wait to go back and try some of their other menu items.



Brick or Treat

This year we decided to switch it up for Brick or Treat and go as a group of all adults. No kids and we still managed to have a blast at Legoland, California. With me were two others who had never gone to Legoland before and man were they in for a treat. Amazed by the awesome lego figures and rides. We arrived early to the park to make sure we were able to experience it all in a day. Staying for the nighttime when Brick or Treat breaks and all the candy comes out. Brick or Treat is available on Saturdays and starts after the park closes. To stay in you must have special wristbands for the late night halloween fun.

I have not trick or treated in a while but at Legoland everyone is encouraged to participate. Lots of variety with the candy and snacks being passed out at Legoland.

Even at Legoland’s Sea Life Aquarium is filled with halloween decorations. There is even a couple of stops to get treats. Love coming to the aquarium and looking at all the animals.

Love seeing everyone in their costumes and some people put so much efforts in their costumes. An awesome place to check out the costumes is at the costume contest. Kids go all out with their costumes for a chance to win Lego sets and other prizes like tickets to Legoland. Awesome place to come to start the Halloween festivities whether you are a kid or a kid at heart.

Comic Con

I have been going to San Diego International Comic Con for the past six years. Comic Con is the best place to see all your favorite movies, shows and comics all come together under one roof. Each year this convention goes all out to provide you with unique experiences both inside the convention and expanding out into Downtown, San Diego. Lots of amazing things to see it is impossible to experience it all with the vast amounts of events, exhibits, parties and more.

This year I took a different approach this year. I went through the exhibition hall the first day. Exploring all the new thing through out the floor. Here I am on the nickelodeon Double Dare wheel. I am glad this show has come back, I always wanted to be on it as a kid.

Outside I went to check out the Kinda Funny meet up. One of the best things about comic con is getting to met others with similar interests. I started out alone and was joined with these awesome new people I met. One of the best outdoor activations was for the new Lara Croft game in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Moonshine Flats bar was converted into a wild jungle complete with  reptiles. Inside you could preview the game and go through the demo. I got to play with some of the snakes inside and was surprised that they were calm. I even got to be surrounded by giant pythons. One of the things that stood out to me were that they had a bug eating for the chance to win an XBox. Entertaining to see others trying to eat these interesting bugs including scorpions, water bugs, and others. I got to participate, I received ants. The ants kind of tasted like card board and they were extremely dry. Interesting experiences to add to Comic Con experiences.

Can not wait to see what next year will bring for Comic Con 2019!