DSC03118Officially brand new Knott’s Berry Farm pass holders and I am excited to go visit all year long. HangTime is their newest ride which opens on May 18th but we were able to ride it thanks to the pass holder sneak peak. If you are a pass holder you are able to ride it on May 11, 12, and 13th. I was excited to try out hang time for the first time on May 11th before it opened. While in line people said they had already gone on it three to eleven times. The line was pretty short and I kept seeing the same people when we rode again.

_DSF0019This ride starts off with a straight up the the sky climb that leaves you on your back. It is a really strange feeling and have never seen a roller coaster climb go straight up. It has a bit of anticipation waiting for the drop as you wait to drop. When it drops the fall has a dip which gives you a crazy falling feeling. After there is a couple of loops and hanging inversions. It is pretty fun and an awesome new addition to Knott’s. Check out the awesome video I made of my adventures below.

Dr. Jacobs All Natural Soap

IMG_8842 This week I got to try out three different products from the Dr. Jacobs all natural liquid Castile soap in almond honey, peppermint and a loofahs exfoliating soap in the scent coco loco lemonade. The soaps are all natural and multipurpose meaning you can use them on your body, face, for shaving, shampoo and even as a household cleaner and more. It is gentle for my sensitive skin and you can even use it on a baby. All their products are non GMO, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, free of artificial dyes & coloring.  They are PETA Cruelty Free and Vegan since they are composed of vegetable oils instead of the traditional animal fat or synthetic chemicals .The soap creates a big lather and smells great. The soap is thicker than normal soap with their new formula. I love the way that the peppermint smells in the shower. It tingles a bit and leaves the entire shower smelling good. It is very relaxing with the use of natural essential oils. It leaves my skin soft and clean. I have even used this soap on my sensitive face. Can not wait for my next shower.

I received these soaps for free to sample but all opinions are my own.  

Seal Tour

DSC03111I went an explored the San Diego Seal Tour. It is an amphibious bus that goes and explores the San Diego Bay. We used the tickets on the last day before it expired and were a bit nervous since it had rained the day before and the morning of but thankfully it did not rain during our tour. Being that it was a cloudy day it ended up being a lonely tour with only five people on board.

DSC03116The tour first starts out on land and then goes into the bay. On the tour you will see lots of boats in the water, buildings, and some of military oppressions. What is missing is seeing the seals, you will mostly see sea lions all chilling together. You can tell they are sea lions by their visible ear flaps- seals do not have ear flaps. Seeing the sea lions are the best part of the adventure and getting to see them interacting and swimming with one another. Learned lots of new information on this tour. Enjoy my adventure video down below.

Received tickets for free but all opinions are my own.