Zirx Valet Service


Usually when I go to Comic Con I ride the trolley. To be honest it’s usually a mess of people overcrowded on the trolley in the mornings with people literally butt to butt standing. Q But there is a new app called Zirx. It is $15 for all day valet parking a driver will come pick up your car and drive it to the parking lot where you are at. The driver will give you a security code to make sure they work with Zirx. For added security they add the drivers picture. When your ready to leave you click call car on the app and the driver will come drive and bring the car wherever you are at. This service is beyond helpful. It is easy. You don’t have to walk to find your car. There was barely any wait to for the driver to get to the car or bring it back. I am definetely Prob gonna use it  tomorrow! If you use my code ESTEFANIC1 you will get your first experience for free! Try it out and don’t forget to tip