Family Outing

 It is a rare occasion that everyone in my family has the day off so we ventured off to Knott’s Berry Farm to explore the holiday editions of the park transformed for Knott’s Merry Farm. Although my mom was hesitant about going and proclaiming she was not going to ride any ride afraid of the rides but she was the first one up and ready to go the day of. I am happy to announce that she went on almost of the rides except for one and had a blast. I have not been to Knott’s in a long time with all of my family. We started the day off by starting off with the small rides and moving our way up. I love the christmas decorations laid out through out the park. As we entered the park we saw that there was Snoopy waiting for photo opportunities and later he changed into a santa outfit. We took some cute pictures with the mistletoe display of what was Lucy’s psychiatry help booth.


There were new updates made to Calico Mine Train that were pretty amazing. The new updates look really good and transformed the ride and made it so much better. They added a lot of more elements of design and animatronics. Although I have to say the animatronics are a bit creepy because they stare at you and do not blink but they definitely add to the ride. But the animatronics are all diverse ethnic groups which is a rare thing to see. We experienced the newest ride that opened back in May called Voyage to the Iron Reef which is a 4D ride where you shoot at objects for points. Obviously I won with an exceedingly high amount of points.

IMG_4453-0.jpgIMG_4438.JPG IMG_4443.JPGIMG_4440.JPGIMG_4427-0.jpgFor the holidays we were able to catch 2 of the holiday shows which was Merry Christmas, Snoopy! and Snoopy’s Merriest Tree Lighting. The Merry Christmas, Snoopy! was an ice skating show filled with Peanuts characters and ice skaters who did lifts, flips, and spins.  It was amazing you definitely have to go to experience it. Its crazy how close they get to the ice while spinning backwards. The Snoopy’s Merriest Tree Lighting was cute and filled with dancing, I wish we were the honored family picked to turn on the tree. But the little kid who turned on the tree was so cute. There was also a santa station where you could take pictures with santa and buy holiday treats.

IMG_4424We ended the day by getting some delicious funnel cake complete with boysenberry. You can not see there was whole berries in the syrup. Yum Yum so delicious. We had a blast and there was no line for any of the rides.


DSC01016DSC01001Wow I have never in my life seen as many stars as I saw in Yosemite! Its absolutely gorgeous out here. I think I want to come live out here away from the city life. We laid outside right next to the Merced River just staring at the sky for hours. It was really relaxing

Yosemite National Park


Finally got to go to Yosemite after day dreaming all about it in this wilderness explorer class. To be out there in the wild and living life like John Muir. Very rarely do I go to the casino, but thankfully I went with my boyfriend and we ended up winning enough money to cover this trip. Everything here was ginormous and gorgeous! if your planning a trip I would suggest staying inside the valley because otherwise your spending more than an hour to just drive into the park. We stayed at HouseKeeping camp and it was pretty nice. We had everything we needed from warm showers, fire pits and electricity. We brought a griddle with us and were able to cook on it. We had a river unit and our room was in front of Merced River and facing a waterfall. Also make sure you store everything with a scent inside the bear storage boxes. Things that you might not consider food like lotion, soaps, sunblock, chapstick, perfume also need to go inside the box. I did not put my backpack in the bear storage boxes and one came into our tent in the middle of the night. It was seriously the scariest thing ever. Good thing all he did was steal my backpack. We could hear the bear outside trying to get into the trash and bear boxes. The rangers were there trying to scare him away. The bear left us paranoid the whole night though that we freaked out when a little squirrel jumped on my friends bed. Definitely needs to go back there is so much more to explore!