Twitch Con

Twitch Con is a convention which features streamers and gaming. This is the second year and it was held in San Diego. I was excited to see what it was going to be like. Twitch Con is a 3 day event which took place on September 30- October 2nd . With an added official Twitch Con after party on Saturday.

Along with your badges for the convention we got these useful Twitch Con bags with helpful materials such as deodorant and mints in order to make everyone’s experience a good one. Take note Comic Con since sometimes some people do not smell as fresh since they have been waiting for panels as often. As a comparison this convention is smaller and more intimate. You are able to get meet and greets with streamers easily and they are everywhere in the convention. Walking around the convention we ran into various different streamers.



Inside the convention there is different involved with streaming and gaming. People inside were were playing different games as well as streaming and testing out different equipment. Though out the convention there were different gaming competitions. One of the biggest competition was for H1Z1 competition for over $260,000.


The convention is also dedicated to creative channels and they have awesome art work. There are even people creating live art murals.

San Diego Zoo

Celebrating the centennial anniversary of the world famous San Diego Zoo. It opened back in 1916 and has been entertaining and educating for 100 years. For the celebration the zoo has special live entertainment including musical performances, acrobats and even a parade. There was even a special statue of a cake to illustrate the celebration. Due to the summer schedule the zoo closed later and we were able to see all the animals.

Here are 10 tips if you are attend the San Diego Zoo:

1. Bring walking shoes: The zoo is huge and covered in hills.

2. Get to the Panda Exhibit later when there is less people in the park. The Pandas are a high sought after since it is the only place in the United States that has pandas.

3. Wear Sunblock: The zoo is highly vegetated and  covered with gorgeous trees but it is very hot and sunny.

4. Ride the Skyfari: Ignore the signs on the side of the ride that say the ride is $4 because it is an old sign that should at least be covered up. The ride is free for everyone and you can enjoy a nice ride back to the beginning of the park. Riding on the back end of the park rarely has line we literally walked on from that end.

5. Bring water and snacks: The zoo allows food so bring in snacks and water to help save money.

6. If you want to feed the giraffes come on Thursday- Sunday. Feeding them is $10 for 3 biscuits and you are allowed to split the biscuits with your party.

7. Parking is free at the zoo

8. Bus Tour: take it either really early or closer to the end of the day because there will be less people. You will also get a nice seat with good view of the animals.

9. Check the map: check the times for different animal interactions and other entertainment

10. Visit Balboa Park: it is a close distance and a great place to explore. The architecture here is amazing.

Race on the Bay

img_5969-1.jpgimg_5982.jpgWe rented out a speedboat to race though the bay and explore. Living in a place with perfect weather all year long allows us to enjoy water activities all year long. One of the speedboats ended up breaking during our tour and we got to race around and go as fast as we could. Hair blowing in the wind, doing crazy spins and catching major air. It was such a blast and unique experience despite the fact that this is our home town. We have a pretty long time to do whatever we wanted in the bay going fast.

img_6023.jpgimg_6001.jpgimg_5996.jpgEventually we went back on the tour and still we were able to go fast! We saw a lot of seals basking in the sun.  Passing by the famous Coronado bridge. We passed by historical boats such as the USS midway and the Star of India. It gave us a different perspective then the usual stroll in downtown. I want to go again and take different adventures such as paddle boarding in the bay.