Cousin Fair Adventures



My cousin had been begging her parents to go to the fair but they were always busy. We decided to venture off to the fair! wooo cousin date! It was a fun day. We rode this giant tall ride that takes you across the whole fair. I’m surprised that my little cousin rode on it because she is such a scaredy-cat. We played a million fair games trying to win that Giant Fluffy Unicorn! We ended up not winning the unicorn even though the carnival workers kept demonstrating very easily how to win. They also were very nice and gave us tons of free plays since we were there for a long time and spent so much money. The last game we played was for a gold fish since it was only 50 cents for 3 tries. My little cousin really wanted a gold fish. She had been talking about it since we got there. She won the gold fish on a second try. To end the day we went and redeemed our free coupons for Italian ice at Ritas. I got pineapple and my cousin got juicy pear.

Domino’s Drive Thru

DSC00326Was excited when I saw that there was a drive thru Dominoes. Especially since my boyfriend only eats pizza. like no joke. We pulled in and ordered our pizza and thought we were going to get it immediately at the next window. But no they made us go park and brought the pizza out to us in about 5 minutes. I was thinking this is totally useless and not efficient at all. But I realized if you order on the phone or online beforehand and just pick up at the drive thru it would be very efficient. If you want to check it out this is located in Fresno right before Yosemite.


DSC01016DSC01001Wow I have never in my life seen as many stars as I saw in Yosemite! Its absolutely gorgeous out here. I think I want to come live out here away from the city life. We laid outside right next to the Merced River just staring at the sky for hours. It was really relaxing