San Diego County Fair

The annual San Diego County Fair is opening soon on May 31st till July 4th. This years theme revolves around OZ. Be sure to follow the yellow brick road to all the fun activities the fair has to offer. As always there are lots of food, games, and entertainment.

One of the newest thing for this year is how to purchase tickets. The newest electronic ticket system is easy to use and can save your tickets on to the app. You can even check out what you spent your tickets on and how many tickets you have using the app. The new app system helps the environment by removing the paper tickets.

As always there are lots of delicious interesting options to try out at the fair. Eating healthy most of the year to indulge in some deep fried goodness. I have never had pupusas before but they are like a fried tortilla stuffed on the inside with different fillings. This one had bacon, beans and cheese. This was one of my favorites and the flavors went well.

Mac and cheese egg roll was interesting and the perfect way to have Mac and cheese on the go. I’m surprised that it isn’t dried up after the frying.

If you want to get an adult beverage you can find one at the speakeasy at the fair. I got to sample one of the margaritas. They are environmentally friendly and use a bike to power the blender if you want a blended margarita. In order to find the speakeasy you can go to any of the bar and they will give you clues to find the speak easy.

Be sure to check out the fair and everything it has to offer from May 31st to the 4th of July.



I went with my mom to check out the grand opening of Volta by Cirque Du Soleil. This show has taken over at the Del Mar Fairground in a giant big top. The show is filled with lots of acrobatics and amazing tricks.

One of the main consistent acts included types of wheels everyone has used before including bikes, roller skates and unicycles. Lots of amazing acts through tour the show that will leave you amazed.

A unique and interesting show. You can catch it for yourself now until May 5th.

Speed Circuit

Grand opening of Speed Circuit in Chula Vista was this weekend. Speed Circuit includes Go Karts that go up to 40 miles per hour and a ropes course. This is the perfect place to come bring your family or a date to. Strap on your helmet and prepare to have the ultimate race. First time ever go kart racing and was surprised how fast they go. I was also thinking that a race was once maybe twice around the track, but it was a long race I think I passed the finish line like five times.

There is also a ropes course with different challenges. This is a perfect challenge for those who are brave. From floating platforms to thin ropes there is something for every level. Checking out the ropes course is the perfect thing to do while waiting for your race.

Come check out the brand new Speed Circuit! Now open and ready for you to come get your racing stripes.