National Park Adventures

img_5393.jpeg img_5355.jpeg img_5388.jpegWe went on this adventure with no plans in order to explore as much as we could of the national parks in Utah. We first went to Bryce Canyon National Park and were amazed by the arches and perfectly piled snow on top of the red rocks.

img_5564.jpeg img_5466.jpegimg_5448.jpegWe then went an visited Zion National Park and although it was one of the most difficult hike it was well worth. It was difficult since the path was covered in solid ice and being very clumsy I ended up on the floor a couple of times. We saw beautiful views, mountains and waterfalls. Before the entrance we saw buffalo and lots of bunnies and deers.img_5589-3.jpeg

img_5571.jpeg img_5586-1.jpegWe ended up getting the year pass for all the National Parks and I can not wait to go explore another National Park.

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