Rubio’s Coastal Grill is offering a limited-edition “Peace, Joy & Burritos” Gift Box, designed to enjoy the holidays at home. Available in limited supply, 1,000 gift boxes will be available at the “Peace, Joy & Burritos” Gift Box order page (https://blog.rubios.com/rubios-holiday-store/).

The Peace, Joy & Burritos gift boxes will be available to the public on Black Friday, November 27. Each gift box is $39.95 (valued at $120), and features a unique collection of hand-selected items to stay cozy and comfortable at home this holiday season, including:

  • $30 in Rubio’s free entrée gift cards, redeemable at any Rubio’s location
  • A 60″ fuzzy, round, double-sided burrito blanket
  • Plush heather gray socks with custom-embroidered Rubio’s logo
  • Vanilla and cinnamon scented churro candle, complete with matches
  • 200-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a one-of-a-kind, Rubio’s-inspired, retro beach design
  • Exclusive recipe cards for the Irresistible Caramelized Banana Split with Churros and delicious Churro Cupcakes, both created by Rubio’s culinary team

“It’s been a year like never before,” said Rubio’s Co-Founder Ralph Rubio. “We created this box to help create those cozy, festive vibes that we look forward to with family year after year. Each item has been carefully curated to bring a little burrito joy to you, and your loved ones, this holiday season.”

For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill, visit RubiosFacebook and Instagram.

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