Brick or Treat

As Halloween approaches one of my favorite activities is to check out Brick or Treat at Legoland, California with the family. It is the perfect family friend event for all ages. Brick or Treat is separate event for Legoland and is held every Saturday in October. The festivities begin at 5pm and wrap up at 9pm. Grab your costume and lets check out what Brick or Treat has to offer this year.

Best things about Brick or Treat at Legoland, California:

1.Rides & Aquarium:

Brick or Treat tickets allow you access both into Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium. Both of these parks are always a blast no matter what day of the year it is.

Certain rides  at Legoland have been modified such as the coast cruise takes a spooky ghost turn. As always there are lots of rides to check out through out the park.

The Aquarium as always is a great place to learn new facts and check out all the animals inside the Sea Life Aquarium. Lots of Halloween decor all around. Inside the Aquarium there is two treat stations.

WINTER HAVEN, FL — October 11, 2014 — LEGOLAND Æ Florida Resort celebrates Brick or Treat this Halloween with costume contests, model builds, character meet and greets, and more. (PHOTO / LEGOLAND Florida, Merlin Entertainments Group, Chip Litherland)

3. Shows

Through out the park there are different shows going on all with the halloween theme. Lots of the classic Halloween music playing through out the park. There is even contest in which you can participate and maybe even going home with a prize.


All through out the park you Brick or Treat and get lots of treats though out Legoland as well as Sea Life Aquarium. Both children and adults are encouraged to get treats through out the park. There is a different variety of candy, pretzels, Lego bricks and pop badges. The workers are generous and give out handfuls of treats at each station.

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5. Seasonal Snacks

There are tons of seasonal snacks through out the park such as apple cider. For this year the two new seasonal snacks include a pumpkin crepe and a monster mango chili shake.

6. Get in the halloween spirit

I absolutely love halloween because I love getting in costume. Both children and adult are encouraged to join in on the fun. Lots of dance parties to get your groove on. Character meet and greets located all through out the park. Family themed building activities such as building your own lego pumpkin. As always there a ton of Halloween photo scenes.

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