Wine Tasting

Time to start off the year by trying something new. On Sunday I ventured off to explore what Valle de Guadalupe has to offer. Valle de Guadalupe is Baja California’s premier wine country with over 100 wineries. Located about two hours from the San Ysidro border lays a scenic route seeing the beautiful beach coast of Ensenada. I have never been here before but it was fun trying out all sorts of different wines. We got picked up and driven around by Five Star Tours who showed us around L.A Cetto, Casa FRIDA Valle de Guadalupe, El Cielo Valle de Guadalupe, and a local cheese and jam market called Sol de Medianoche. Many of the winery’s have been here for years and are locally owned. The views of the winery’s are stunning with mountains and acres of vineyards scattered around.

L.A. Cetto

This is the first winery we went to on our tour. The tour started by looking at all the production methods and equptment that goes to making and creating wine. From the grinding all the way to consumption there are lots of steps involved to make the perfect bottle of wine. It was a very informative tour learning all about different types of wine and the tannins. We got to sample four different types of wine that are produced on site.

Casa Frida

Casa Frida had a less traditional winery look but instead was full with artist flairs in the style of Frida Kahlo. This place is full of art and traditional Mexican artisans. We had lunch here including some avocado ceviche and tacos de lechon. Lechon is a seasoned pork topped with fried pork skin also known as chicharrones. Lunch was of course paired with a wine tasting.

El Cielo

We started off with a tour of the winery and saw the way that they make and store the wine. They store the wine here underground with low light. On the property there are a couple of peacocks just roaming around freely. Ending the day with more wine tastings.

Sol de Medianoche

A local artisan market filled with locally produced jams, cheeses, wines, candy and much more. To start we began with a cheese tasting. We sampled lots of different jams. The jams included lots of interesting flavors including Jamaica, mango, chipotle, and pear. One of the most interesting things was the chocolate wine which was rich and decadent.

Shout outs to Five Star Tours for inviting us out to check our the Baja California Tour.

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