Temporary Hair Color

 I have never dyed my hair but I have tried lots of different temporary hair colors. I am obsessed with the look of having crazy hair but I don’t want the commitment that comes with dying your hair. Over the years I have tried different chalk and spray on temporary colors but the problem is that most of the time they do not show up on my dark hair. I decided to try out L’oreal Colorist 1 day spray  which washes out when you shower. I picked up the purple 200 color. As soon as I sprayed it, you can definitely see it even on dark hair. I love the way it turned out. This is the perfect look for a crazy hair day, a way to stand out or a music festival. When I showered it came out easily. But I did try this two other times and accidentally got it on my skin and it was a lot harder to get it off. In order to avoid getting it on your skin be sure to cover your neck with an old t-shirt. I did get some on my fingers and it came off easily when I immediately washed my hands afterwards. This is a great way to bring some color in to your hair for a day.


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