City Tacos

If your in San Diego and looking for a new taco place check out City Taco. I came to try this place out for the first time in the North Park location. All the food that I tried was delicious and had a interesting twist to the traditional tacos.

The first taco I tried is called the Mexicali which is a carne asada taco which stands out with the mashed potatoes, melted asadero cheese, poblano chiles and a sprinkle of cotija cheese. That may seem like a lot but the ingredients all go well together. The second taco I got was camaron which is a shrimp taco. They add corn and squash which goes perfectly with the perfectly battered shrimp. The last taco I got was coliflor which translates to cauliflower. This taco is vegan and paleo. Instead of a regular tortilla the tortilla is a slice of jicama. Using jicama as a tortilla was interesting and a healthy approach. It also added this cool crunchy aspect to the taco. As always there was a variety of salsa, jicama, limes and cucumbers.

The frijoles veggies complemented the tacos. They were covered with melted oaxaca and cotija cheese. A little bit of spice is added with a grilled serrano chili. For dessert I had the churros which came with cajeta and chocolate syrup.

If you want to check it out for yourself City Taco is located in North Park, La Mesa and coming soon in lateĀ  January is the opening in Encinitas.

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