Holiday on the Bay

A holiday wonderland located on the edge of the San Diego Bay just opened at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront. This holiday wonderland is known as Holiday on the Bay. We came on the opening night to start off the holidays. Holiday on the Bay is open until January 5th. With lots of activities, you can find something the whole family will enjoy.

One of my favorite activities here was the reindeer run where you go down a two-story 100-foot ice slide on a tube. Must be difficult to keep a slide made of ice from melting here in sunny San Diego. The Slide was accelerating and sometimes it twisted around while going down. My sister and I had a blast here, we slide down quite a few times.

Another attraction was the iceberg bumpers which are bumper cars surrounded by beautiful holiday lights. I honestly thought they were also on ice until I stepped and realized the floor was just painted white.

There is a cute Yule lounge to get some snacks and signature adult drinks. Inside is cozy and decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree. Another place to hang out and warm up is at the fire lounges. You can even make s’mores if you wanted to. Inside you can decorate gingerbread cookies, stocking and even write letters Santa or our troops.


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