San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County Fair is back again this year until July 4th. This years theme is “how sweet it is” by involving lots of candy and sweets through out the fair. I learned lots of different facts learned through out the fact regarding different candies. Lots of vintage candy inspiration everywhere. Inspiration regarding sweets and candies come from classics like Willy Wonka, I Love Lucy, Candy Land and much more.

 Like a kid at the candy store wishing that there were sweets this big.  I love the nostalgic candy wrapping. Those vintage tins are cute. Can we talk about how candy use to cost cents. I could have a whole candy factory by now.    Yum Yum Jelly Bellys. There is even an interactive part where you can taste some delicious jelly bellys.

Something that we did for the first time this year was finding the speakeasy. A speakeasy is a hidden bar. In order to find this hidden location ask any bar at the fair and they will tell you the secret password to get in. Once inside you will be able to get some candy inspired cocktails. One of the best parts are the views to the fair. It is also a comfortable place to hang out at. This was a first for us but I know the speakeasy has been at the fair before. It is a bar so you do have to be 21 and up to enjoy it.

Lots of things to check out including all the rides and games. There is also lots of new addition to the food and many unicorn inspired items. As always there is lots of new things to check out at the San Diego County Fair each year. Be sure to check it out before it closes.


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