DSC03118Officially brand new Knott’s Berry Farm pass holders and I am excited to go visit all year long. HangTime is their newest ride which opens on May 18th but we were able to ride it thanks to the pass holder sneak peak. If you are a pass holder you are able to ride it on May 11, 12, and 13th. I was excited to try out hang time for the first time on May 11th before it opened. While in line people said they had already gone on it three to eleven times. The line was pretty short and I kept seeing the same people when we rode again.

_DSF0019This ride starts off with a straight up the the sky climb that leaves you on your back. It is a really strange feeling and have never seen a roller coaster climb go straight up. It has a bit of anticipation waiting for the drop as you wait to drop. When it drops the fall has a dip which gives you a crazy falling feeling. After there is a couple of loops and hanging inversions. It is pretty fun and an awesome new addition to Knott’s. Check out the awesome video I made of my adventures below.

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