Mardi Gras

DSC03491I have never celebrated Mardi Gras before but I heard there was an awesome food and drinks tour and was all in. The Mardi Gras Beads, Bites and Booze trip took place in Downtown San Diego. Once equipped with your ticket and of course colorful beads you were left to take a self guided walking food trip.

DSC03508Each place was decked out with different Mardi Gras decor to get everyone in the spirit. Each place offered a delicious bite and an accompanying drink. We got a nice work out to burn some of that food that was consumed by visiting different places. Many of the places had a Mardi Gras inspired dishes. From New Orleans, Indian, Mexican, American and cuban the variety in the bites and drinks meant there was something for everyone. I love all the different vibes and decor from all the different restaurants and bars.

IMG_7812Here are some of the delicious food we got to sample. This is from the first stop where you pick up your ticket. This was from Florent in Downtown, San Diego. Since it was Mardi Gras inspired we had to start off with jambalaya. This may seem like just rice, but man did it have a kick to it. The ambiance here was also exciting as the entrance had a New Orleans style retro band playing live music.  DSC03504The next place is the newest addition to downtown called Havana 1920. Lots of colorful ambiance with mismatching furniture. This place had the option of trying a Spinach and cheese empanada, Shrimp Taco, and a cuban sandwich. Wow the sandwich was delicious and different than most sandwiches. The crust was not airy and had this nice crisp. Inside was pulled pork and ham which was an interesting combination topped with mustard, pickles, and cheese. It was accompanied with a cuba libre made with real sugar Mexican coke. DSC03515At the Tin Roof they had Shrimp Po’boys. The sandwiches had a bit of a kick to them with those spices. The ambience was the best here. Live music playing lots of popular 2000 songs. DSC03506There was even some what healthy bites with these pancetta balsamic brussels sprouts. These were delicious, nice and crispy with lots of flavor. There was some interesting drinks to try here that was chai tea flavored alcohol. DSC03509This was one of the best stops because I love dessert. This is butterscotch pudding from Spikes. At first I was not even going to grab any because I thought it was flan. I’m glad I did it was delicious and smooth creamy bottom topped with salted butterscotch. DSC03513Wow I was literally stuffed by the end of the day. I did not even eat anything after that. There was also a secret party afterwards with drinks if you visited 10 locations or more, but honestly we were tired and deep in food coma. Had a ton of fun trying out this event for the first time.  I can not believe we went to all the stops but one.

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