Madame Tussauds

IMG_5946While in Vegas we ventured around to check out Madame Tusssauds at the Venetian. It was a bit complicated find it, the best way is to go from outside on to the escalators located on the side of the casino. Inside there a a ton of wax figures dedicated to celebrities. It was a bit creepy because the figures look so real. Inside on a couple occasions I mistakes some for real people and vice versa. There was tons of photo opportunities and even some props through out the wax museum. There are lots of odes to Vegas including actors from the Hangover and famous Vegas performers like Wayne Newton.IMG_5945Snoop Dogg was inside as well as other famous rappers like Tupac. Look we even have matching shoes on.  IMG_5937There were also lots of references to lots of different television shows. The photo above is about the TV show Glee featuring Sue Sylvester. We have just joined her Cheerios cheer squad. IMG_5931 Attempting to steal the ball from Shaquille O’ Neal as it is about to rebound. Got to make some points for my team!

IMG_5949There are also Marvel superheroes made out of wax. The Hulk from above stands at over 15 feet tall and makes for a perfect photo opportunity. IMG_5951To top it off there is a Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie that is in to give you a real surprise. There are lots of special effects being used during the show. Madame Tussauds is the perfect getaway in Vegas to imagine yourself rubbing elbows with your favorite celebrities.

I received complementary tickets, but all opinions are my own. 

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