Dave and Busters

I love Dave and Busters. I love playing all the games. This is literally the perfect place to come they have something for everyone from games to food and even alcohol. It has that nostalgic feeling all around. Took my little cousin to Dave and Busters and we had a blast! Finally won the Unicorn! Its so fluffy!! 😛 After various attempts at the carnival, arcades, claw machines at other places, we were finally able to get one. Hahaha my uncle thought it was a hippopotamus. There are 3 apps which allow you to get ticket points and link it to your card. It is definitely worth downloading since most prizes require so many tickets. The apps are Tippin Bloks, Big Bass Wheel, and Speed of Light. They allow you to redeem a certain amount of points each per day. I could not figure out how to play speed of light to get any tickets. Sure the concept it easy but how do you get tickets on speed of light? The other apps were much easier and also pretty fun.

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