Beauty Bakerie Grand Opening

IMG_4114 IMG_4137Beauty Bakerie has set up a store in San Diego at the Mission Valley Mall. It is the first brick and mortar store for the brand. I was very excited to be invited to the Grand Opening. I had heard lots of great things about Beauty Bakeries lip whips which do not come off. I have seen people rubbing on them and eating and it not smudging at all. Also all the products are cruelty free and vegan.IMG_4134 IMG_4123 IMG_4121

Wow this store is amazing and the lighting is wow. There are seats with lighted mirrors so you can test out the products. I want one of these in my room to do my makeup would be perfect because the lighting is on point. They have a ton of colors so swatches of everything. We got to decorate cupcakes and give them the smudge proof test. I honestly may have made a mess with the frosting but none of the lip whip did not budge. This is so awesome cause usually when I put on lipstick or liquid lipstick it leaves stains on cups and ends  up being needed to be reapplied. This lip whip is amazing none of it came off. I even whipped my hand over my mouth a couple times and it did not transfer off. Wow this is awesome now I can go hit up the buffet and need no to even worry or reapply on my lips!

IMG_4136After we had champagne toast with the founder Cashmere, Ashley Rosales and all the influencers. The official ribbon was cut for opening of Beauty Bakerie.

There is lots of exciting things happening like this Wednesday May 9th there will be a special guest appearance in the store doing meet and greets!

Check out the unreleased limited edition color lip whip Merlot Life. It was available during the grand opening for free after purchase.

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