San Diego International Comic Con

Sadly Comic Con is over and it is back to reality. There was a ton of cool stuff I saw and did. Although there was a ton of stuff i missed out on. This is the third year I have attended comic con. Four days was not enough. FullSizeRender

 Awesome sign made entirely of LegosIMG_1147I love the Walking Dead! It is my all time favorite show IMG_1267IMG_1135Had a Blast at the MTV Fan Fest. When you entered you got a lanyard and it comes with a free beverage and a free food item. I ended up going with a Coke and a Pretzel. But there were a ton of different choices like burgers and tacos. We got some free samples complementary of Neutrogena and Kitkat. There was a ferris wheel and a spin around ride. Free concert of Flo Rida and All Time Low. Followed by an MTV Award Show. When you leave, you got a free chair. IMG_1215I Love Conan! We were very fortunate enough to get tickets to Thursday and Fridays show. Conan is hilarious. Being in the audience is energizing and exciting. Thursday show featured the cast of the Hunger Games. Fridays Show featured the cast of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I was beyond excited because I love all of the movies and shows that were going to be here. Also usually people have to sleep outside in the dreaded Hall H to even catch a glimpse of these stars. Spreckels Theater is absolutely gorgeous as well. Sorry about the quality the pictures are taken with my Iphone 5. Conan also gave us some cute POP! toys. Batman Conan is from Thursday. On Friday we received the Zombie Conan.  IMG_1257Sunday I brought my little cousin to Comic Con for her first time ever! And we had a Blast! The last 2 years I have gone Sunday is pretty lonely but this year it was crowded!IMG_1250IMG_1245We saw the cast of American Horror Story.IMG_1226IMG_1228 (1)

Got this awesome picture at Nintendo at the Marriott IMG_1266


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