Unique Mexican Spice Blend Creates New Experience for Rubio’s Customers

The new year brings a new addition to the menu at Rubio’s Coastal Grill. Beginning January 6, the home of The Original Fish Taco® will offer Impossible seasoned meat, made from plants. Rubio’s guests seeking to eat less meat as part of their new year’s resolutions can enjoy it in a new Impossible Taco Salad, or as a protein substitute on all chicken and steak entrées. Impossible meat is more sustainable, using a small fraction of land, water and energy, when compared to 80/20 ground beef.

“We are using a signature blend of Mexican spices unique to Rubio’s in our Impossible Foods menu items,” said Rubio’s Co-Founder Ralph Rubio. “It pairs perfectly with our coastal-inspired flavors and expands our protein options that guests can feel great about eating.”

The Impossible seasoned meat has all the protein of 80/20 ground beef, does not contain animal hormones or antibiotics, is kosher, halal and gluten-free certified. Rubio’s is featuring the innovative Impossible meat in a new taco salad and two signature dishes:

  •              Impossible™ Taco Salad: Impossible seasoned ground meat made from plants, romaine lettuce, black beans, roasted corn, salsa fresca, tortilla strips, sliced Haas avocado and signature pickled jalapeno ranch dressing.
  •              Impossible Burrito Especial: Impossible seasoned ground meat made from plants, handmade guacamole, chipotle white sauce, roasted chipotle salsa, citrus rice, black beans and salsa fresca in a warm flour tortilla. Served with tortilla chips.
  •              Impossible California Bowl: Impossible seasoned ground meat made from plantscitrus rice, handmade guacamole, black beans, crisp romaine lettuce, salsa fresca, chipotle white sauce with your choice of salsa verde or roasted chipotle salsa.

I went to Rubio’s on the first day that they added the Impossible Meat to their menu. I picked the Impossible taco salad. This salad came loaded and was delicious. It came with lettuce, corn, black beans, salsa fresca, avacados and strips of fried tortilla. The salad also came with a pickled jalepeno ranch which was nice creamy balance to the greens. If you have never had impossible meat it is crazy how much it tastes and looks like meat. It is crazy see how something that is plant based could taste like and have the same texture as ground beef. This salad was delicious and filled me up for lunch.


 Rubio’s Coastal Grill is offering a limited-edition “Peace, Joy & Burritos” Gift Box, designed to enjoy the holidays at home. Available in limited supply, 1,000 gift boxes will be available at the “Peace, Joy & Burritos” Gift Box order page (

The Peace, Joy & Burritos gift boxes will be available to the public on Black Friday, November 27. Each gift box is $39.95 (valued at $120), and features a unique collection of hand-selected items to stay cozy and comfortable at home this holiday season, including:

  • $30 in Rubio’s free entrée gift cards, redeemable at any Rubio’s location
  • A 60″ fuzzy, round, double-sided burrito blanket
  • Plush heather gray socks with custom-embroidered Rubio’s logo
  • Vanilla and cinnamon scented churro candle, complete with matches
  • 200-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a one-of-a-kind, Rubio’s-inspired, retro beach design
  • Exclusive recipe cards for the Irresistible Caramelized Banana Split with Churros and delicious Churro Cupcakes, both created by Rubio’s culinary team

“It’s been a year like never before,” said Rubio’s Co-Founder Ralph Rubio. “We created this box to help create those cozy, festive vibes that we look forward to with family year after year. Each item has been carefully curated to bring a little burrito joy to you, and your loved ones, this holiday season.”

For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill, visit RubiosFacebook and Instagram.

Community Supported Agriculture plus Contest to win a 20 week subscription

Yasukochi Family Farm makes it simple to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes deliver 11-15 different produce items. Each item is grown using responsible farming methods. Most products are grown using organic farming methods when possible. All products are grown by responsible food & safety conscious farmers. The majority of the freshly picked produce is grown by Yasukochi Family Farms located in Oceanside and other local partner growers.  If your in San Diego check out Yasikochi’s CSA boxes and help support local farms.

I have gotten two CSA boxes and wow their produce is so fresh. The fruit is extra sweet thanks to them only using items that are in season. Getting this box every week has made it so easy to get my fruit and veggie intake in. I have tried making lots of different recipes that I had not tried before. There are even some veggies that I rarely eat being enjoyed more frequently like eggplants.

If you would like order a CSA box for yourself check out

Yasukochi is having a summer Strawberry Jam contest! Now until August 1st submit your strawberry jam at any of the Yasikochi Family Farms Farmer Market stands( or if you are a current CSA box recipient just simply leave your jam entry on the doorstep on the day your box is delivered and they will pick it up! I have never made jam before but I do love strawberry jam.  Good luck! One winner will get a 20 week box subscription.