Grand Tasting

IMG_6563 (1)Wine, food and more never ending at this weekends event. We attended the San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival for their Grand Tasting. This was the biggest Wine and food festival I have ever attended.

DSC03187The best festival to enjoy with friends or family. Lots of things to do with in the whole festival. All centered around wine whether it is wine or something that pairs well with it. DSC03153 DSC03150We got to taste lots of wines and other types of drinks. Some of the other drinks included were beer, whisky, vodka, mimosas and much more. There were also non alcohol drinks such as kombucha,teas, and lemonades. Lots of mouth watering food and snacks. There was so much drinks it was virtually impossible to taste them all. The Mimosas in the last photo were very delicious. They already come ready to pour. The pineapple one was tasty and refreshing.

DSC03119 DSC03149Lots of different variety from seafood, Italian, Mexican, Asian and much more. It was located in a park behind seaport village with excellent views of the San Diego bay. Venders for as far as the eye could see. If you come to the Grand Tasting I would highly suggest bringing a backpack or a large bag so you can have your hands free. Also there are a ton of delicious samples for you to enjoy later. I was kind of struggling between the wine glass, plate, food, camera and other samples in my hands. They close down the majority of park on kettner blvd and I made it a goal to hit all the stands.

ORG_DSC03215 (1)Best Festival in San Diego and hope to come back next year and enjoy it again. Be sure to check out this short video I made. Also see the secret bar aka speakeasy.

Global Winter Wonderland

DSC03056As you pass by the SDCCU stadium you are welcomed by giant light displays perfect and ready for the holiday season. Global Winter Wonderland is opening for the first time in San Diego on Sunday, November 19th. We got to get an exclusive sneak peak before it opened.

DSC03097 DSC03096 DSC03070 DSC03063This looks like the ultimate way to start off the holidays. Giant wire structures covered with cloth and light up create spectacular views. There is also different things from symbols from around the world like the Taj Mahal.  There is an awesome dragon and little lions to represent asian culture. With about 60% of the Global Winter Wonderland being finished, I can not wait to see the rest when it is completed.  Awesome to see these giant structures that were hand painted as well as the awesome photo opportunities.


There is also a show called Circus of Life which includes acrobats and fire jugglers. Entertain with their incredible moves and dances. Just looking at the calendar online there seems to be a different show every hour and last 30 minutes.

DSC03091 DSC03102It is also a combination of a little carnival fair with 35+ rides. I took advantage of this day and enjoyed the night to different mazes, slides and rides. I even got to try out somethings for the first time ever.

This is the perfect family entertainment for the holidays.

Enjoy my adventures with this video about Global Winter Wonderland.

Old El Paso’s Taco Dinner Kit

IMG_6502This week I tried out the Old El Paso’s Taco Dinner Kit which included spices, salsa, and soft tortilla taco boats. These tacos are easy to make. They are good for the taco Tuesday. Only thing that I had to add was the meat and the toppings. Good lunch to take to work.

IMG_6513The boat soft shell makes it easy to hold and makes sure none of the meat and toppings escape. In terms of the meat I skipped the traditional ground beef and opted for a healthier option with ground turkey. For toppings I added lettuce and corn. An easy taco night for any day of the night.