Girls Night

We went to enjoy a girls night out with Envy. Envy is an app that allows you to use photos to show your best food, hair and other things. It is an awesome app that allows you to discover new things near you. We had an awesome girls night out with my sister at Koda Salon in La Jolla. We got our nails, hair, and eye brows done.

IMG_0826 I first tried out something new called the Nuface, which uses microcurrent to strengthen and contour your face. I thought this was going to hurt but you can barely feel it. You first get some gel applied to your face and move the Nuface all over. It honestly gave me a very nice contour and made my cheekbones higher and more defined. That is crazy since it was just in a few minutes.

IMG_0859I got my hair curled and it came out so cute! I need to curl my hair more often. We also got to check out all the cute clothes and accessories from a local shop called vocabulary boutique.

We got our eyebrows done by the sweetest lady from the Brow Lounge in La Jolla. It was completely done by tweezing which I honestly feels painful when I do it to myself. This women was skilled and fast and it did not hurt. She also showed me how to fill them in. I was surprised on her feather touch barely touching me to fill them in.

IMG_0865Then we got our nails done and honestly it was a bit overwhelming just looking at all the colors and getting what ever you wanted on them. I ended up getting red nails with a flower accent. They reminded me a bit of Moana. My sister got a nude pink color. This nail polish was cruelty free and vegan.

IMG_0851 IMG_5126The end of the day we ended up getting our hair braided. My sister got these very cute braided buns. I got this giant braid and was surprised on how she did this since my hair is pretty short.

It was a good day and we ended up both wining in different categories. My sister won best hair, and I won best style.



Beauty Con 2017

FullSizeRender (5)

This weekend, we attended Beauty Con in Los Angeles at the convention center. This was the the first year we had ever attended, and oh my was there a lot to do. We saw so many influencers, YouTubers and celebrities. Lots of makeup everywhere as well as skin care, and beauty. We had the general admission two day passes. There was lots of art work and photo opportunities. I was kind of scared that there would be a ton of line for everything but most things were lonely except for a couple of things. IMG_5192Look at how gorgeous this Eiffel tower is at the Loreal Booth. It is made completely with real flowers. They even had replacement flowers in the back in case they start to wither. Below is an art wall found in the middle of the convention center. There was lots of different art work to take photos at. FullSizeRender (3)

Check out the Vlog I made.


Also lots of the brands were giving away so much products! Especially on Sunday, when it was about to be over: they started giving away everything they had in the booths. Check out our giant haul below.

Black Angus

Today my family and I went to try out Black Angus Steakhouse for the first time. Well my parents had come here before back in the day. The Black Angus we went to kind of looked like a barn and decorated with cowboy decor.We ordered a burger and also since we were at a steakhouse, we ordered some delicious steaks.Yum each entree came with one or two sides and they were very plentiful. Tons of delicious sounding sides good thing it came with more than one.
The salad was not a small salad it was a very nice portioned salad. I got this caesar salad and it was very good with lots of cheese. My dad also got a salad but he opted for a thousand island garden salad. We got the salads as a first course.

IMG_4993  The burger was delicious and juicy. It came with a pickles, apple-wood smoked bacon and onion rings. Yum onion rings are my favorite and they were nice and crispy.

IMG_4995Everything that we ate was tasty. Even the steak was perfect neither dry and too well done or a little bit raw still. It was a very nice experience with our waiter constantly attentive and checking on us periodically. He even asked us to make sure our meat was good and if we wanted it to be cooked longer.  I did notice that Black Angus has lots of deals depending on the day and happy hour times. Such a good experience, will probably be back soon.