WINTER HAVEN, FL -- LEGOLAND Florida celebrates Halloween with safe, kid-friendly fun which includes trick-or-treating along the Brick-or-Treat trail, the largest LEGO pumpkin in the world, Halloween-themed LEGO build stations, a scavenger hunt and dance party in Miniland USA and a kid's costume contest. (PHOTO/LEGOLAND Florida, Merlin Entertainments Group, Brian Blanco).
WINTER HAVEN, FL — LEGOLAND Florida celebrates Halloween with safe, kid-friendly fun which includes trick-or-treating along the Brick-or-Treat trail, the largest LEGO pumpkin in the world, Halloween-themed LEGO build stations, a scavenger hunt and dance party in Miniland USA and a kid’s costume contest. (PHOTO/LEGOLAND Florida, Merlin Entertainments Group, Brian Blanco).

For halloween Legoland, California and Florida parks are transformed into Brick-or-Treat. With not so spooky halloween parties, Ghost cruise, pumpkin building lego activities, and special visits from themed characters. All guest are encouraged to come in their costumes to participate in all the activities as well as the costume contest. Through out the park you will be able to come trick or treat and get some awesome candy, snacks, and maybe a little lego surprise, you will also be able to find two treat stations when you visit Sea Life Aquarium. There is a couple of live entertainment show including a hilarious “Boo Crew”, a theater show at Castle Hill and a blue-grass style music at Lego Friends Heartlake City. There is even crafts for kids. An exclusive highly collectable Party Nights Pop Badges will be given out if you can complete the challenges. If you are staying in the Legoland Hotel on October 31, you will be able to find that fun continues with more giveaways, dance parties.

_EP_5355To join in on the Fun which takes place Every Saturday night (Oct. 1, 8, 15,22 &29) starting at 5pm buy your tickets here.


This is the second year of KAABOO which features top performers + comedy and art all in one. It is a three day festival but we only attended on Saturday this year. Some of the main highlights were Lenny Kravitz, Chainsmokers, Aerosmith, Ludicrous and Steve Aoki. I wore a lace cream dress with a burgundy leather fringe vest. In the picture below you can see some of the art laying around and over the 3 days you can see the artist finishing one of the sides.  We were able to enjoy our day by starting off by looking at all the cool things in the art room. We grabbed food and listened to Lenny Kravitz. We made our way down to go see Capital City. The whole time there was a ton of room and we had a lot of space to dance and jump around to the performances. but when the Chainsmokers came on everyone pushed together towards the front. Since we were near the front due to staying for the previous performance it got really bad there was literally no space and were squished. We ended up going a bit more towards the back because it was ridiculous. We ended up having a blast enjoying upbeat music with the Chainsmokers. One of the members got on this platform they were performing on and ended up falling. We ended up having a blast at this set and even met some new friends to jam with.  Just getting out of the show was crazy based on the number of people as well as how narrow they made the walk way with no exits. We were literally stuck for a while trying to get back. This was definitely a fire hazard. When we finally escaped, we were excited to go hang out with our new friends and keep dancing to Ludakris and Steve Aoki. We were going to go wait for it to calm down due to the mess of people trying to get into encore the indoor stage where Ludakris and Steve Aoki were going to perform and people were exiting the Chainsmokers performance. I suggested we go to the comedy and go see Sarah Silverman. So off we went only to be rejected by the huge lines and finding the building at capacity.  We decided to get some food and sit down for a bit to rest a bit to be ready to go crazy at the last two performances.

 As we were sitting there all of a sudden there was a police helicopter announcing something. A couple of police cars rushed in near Encore. The police were driving at high speeds that I thought they were going to run someone over. We were so confused on what was happening but eventually informed of a riot breaking out and thousands of people trying to get into the at capacity building Encore. The police also happened to pepper spay and taser people. When we passed we saw people in pain from the pepper spray. This was unnecessary because innocent people ended up getting sprayed. They kept saying we were unlawfully gathering and to leave. But we had paid for tickets to be here and watch these artists and comedians. KAABOO should have changed their schedule and moved it from an indoor concert which only host a small amount of people to one of the bigger outdoor venues to accommodate all the people. Everyone was forced out of the area and only those who were already in the building got to stay for the last performances. To make matters worse it was a mess to get out. Once we made it to the parking lot we were locked inside for 3 hours. Many people fell asleep inside of their cars since they were not letting anyone leave. We helped jump start a guys car since it died due to being on for so long. I heard that they sold twice as many tickets as last year which is why there was overcrowding. For next year the floor plans need to be well establish to accommodate the amount of crowds. I still had fun until the end of the day when I could not get into a single show.


Round two at Aquatica. Due to power loss we were able to come back to Aquatica for free. It was a very nice day and got to ride on all the slides. There were more people here than the first time we came due to it being weekend as well as labor day weekend. behind me are the flamingos which are in the park. You can also get a nice view of the flamingos from the lazy river. Aquatica is the perfect place to come beat the heat and have fun with family and friends. Here is a photo of the waterpark as you can see there is all different types of entertainment for everyone. img_8536-1.jpgThe first time I came I totally missed the fact that there were turtles. These turtles are right next to the wave pool. but don’t worry about running into a turtle in the pool, they are in their own separate tank.