Lego Batman

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In celebration for the movie Lego Batman, Legoland California has special activities on February 18, 19, 25 and 26. These days include the chance to meet LEGO Batman,  a scavenger hunt in Miniland U.S.A., build their own batmobile to race against other guests, test their inner model builder skills by helping create a life-size LEGO Batman and LEGO Robin and help build a special mystery mosaic mural inspired by the film.

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The scavenger hunt included looking for villains with letters to solve the puzzle. The scavenger hunt included some awesome Lego Batman set as well as tickets to Legoland. It was hard to spot the villains through out different lego iconic USA locations.  If you look closely on the float you can see the Joker holding the clue letter G. Through out the day we saw Lego Batman and there was always a long line to take a photo with him and we kept delaying it. We did also check out the batmobile races and even won a ribbon!


AC7A0694-850B-4B4B-8C32-FC7A8C61F2B3This time was my little cousins first time ever at Legoland and he definitely enjoyed it. He wanted to keep riding. We came on a four day weekend and it was packed to the max with long lines for every ride. Online it said that the park closed at 6pm but luckily they left the park open until 8pm. After 6pm it definitely emptied and we were able to enjoy the park and rides with no lines.

More Snow Days

86FCD83C-CCDF-40FC-84D8-60349C244436 D1712898-620E-41EE-AC29-73E0CB13F2C4F6833719-D13B-44F5-B0BA-E20A1F29699CLots of snow adventures this year. This was my cousins first time in the snow. We got to play around in the snow and explore all around Julian. We climbed inside this giant tree. Unfortunately it was a day before the storm and it started to pick up again. The wind picked up hard and we had to leave. The wind was literally so strong it was so cold and hard to do anything. While we were going down there was even a snow machine clearing the path of snow. It was an interesting day and hopefully we will go back to the snow when the weather is a bit better.

First Time

IMG_2169I went for the Big Bear for the first time ever. We also planned to also go snowboarding for the first time ever. I ended up falling on slippery ice before even renting the gear. I ended up ripping my leggings and getting a big gash on my knee. But that definitely did not stop me. We rented our snowboard gear and ended up going to Big Bear mountain. It was very tricky even getting the boards on to our feet. Going on the lift was a bit strange with the board hanging off on one side. But getting off the lift was stranger. I accidentally tripped the guy whose job it is to help you off the lift. Oops. It was not that hard except for the fact that it feels like your going super fast. But in reality you are not cause I have seen the videos. I got a goofy board and should of gotten a regular cause my board kept turning and doing circles. If anything I was doing some tricks magically :P.

4F7970D3-1085-4CF6-950E-6A7AC7B5CB41We stayed at this cute little place in front of the frozen Big Bear Lake. We explored around the town to grab food and every restaurant had about a two hour wait. Since we were starving we ended up buying pizza from Dominoes and Jack in the Box. In the morning outside of our room we had some fun on this sled. It was fun going to Big Bear and also a bit painful in the morning with our muscles aching. But I would definitely go back and try to improve or maybe give skiing a try.


Go to Snow Summit instead of Big Bear; the price is about half for the lift. We ended up paying about $80 and could of saved about $40 to go to the smaller mountain. It is probably better for beginners and we only rode the lift 3 times.

You can also save money by buying lift passes at Costco. We were unable since it was a holiday.

Goofy vs Regular: Goofy is right foot leading the board and Regular is left foot leading the board.