Universal Studios

FullSizeRenderCame back to Universal Studios Hollywood and got to check The Walking Dead attraction. I had never gone in it and I knew it was a walk through not a ride. I love The Walking Dead and thought it was like replications of the sets with lots of photo opportunities. Boy was I wrong. I kind of hate the Halloween time scary time where people jump out of nowhere. This is similar to that except it’s zombies and their throwing their hands at you.

IMG_4173 IMG_4166 IMG_4160It was a good day at Universal Studios since there was barely any line for any attraction. We got here kind of late and in the park at around 12:30 pm and were able to ride everything by the time the park closed at 6pm. Of course we went to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogwarts is breathtaking, it does not even look real.

IMG_4161My year pass just expired for Universal Studios. Bye until I decide to get another pass.

Dog Subscription Boxes

I love my dog Lucy and she needed some new toys and treats so I decided to get her some pet subscriptions boxes. I love subscription boxes and being excited opening up and surprised on what is inside. I got all these subscription boxes on Groupon and they were all $10 or less. All the boxes are customized and ask you what size dog you have.  The best part about pet subscription boxes all donate to animal shelters or organizations to provide to those in need. All of these boxes came with free shipping. My dog was also very excited to explore check out all the stuff in the boxes. She loved all the toys but one since it was to big for her but don’t worry her best friend Rover took it and loved it! I also have a very picky dog and had to donate all the snacks to Rover since Lucy did not like them. But Rover enjoyed them all. I got three different boxes and below is what I thought of them and what was included. They are in order in which they arrived. These are the subscription boxes for April.image2 (9)

image1 (17)Rescue Box: This box is normally $23.45 per month and helps every month by donating five pounds of food and two vaccination per subscription. With Groupon you can get the first box for $10. Inside the box came 5 items. A squeaker alligator toy, a red toy to hide treats in, cheddar treats and bully sticks. Also included for me was a cup for me to drink out of. The alligator was my dogs favorite out of all the toys in all the boxes and it is awesome how it has six squeakers even though my little dog never squeaks it. The red toy was a bit too big for my dog but Rover did enjoy it as well as the snacks.

image2 (8) IMG_3933Coupaw: This subscription by Coupaw is called gift of the month and is the lowest cost at $10.95 per month and a portion of this is given to pets in need. On Groupon there is two deals for either the subscription box for $5 or $10 for a $20 voucher. I opted for the $20 voucher and was able to purchase Coupaws gift of the month and those two long dog loofah toys for a few dollars. I did have to pay shipping for the two extra dog toys but was able to use the voucher. If you only get the subscription box shipping would be free. Inside the gift of the month came one snack and one toy. The toy is a crunchy bone that is suppose to simulate the sounds of a water bottle. My dog already owned this toy and she did not like it so I wasn’t going to give it to her again. The snack was Zuke’s Meaty Jerky cuts made with grass-fed beef, green lipped mussel and apples. Lucy actually liked these snacks, out of all the boxes these were the only ones that she liked. My dog loved the loofa squeaker dog toy. They look just like her long and short. She drags them around all over the house. She even fell asleep with one of the loofah dog toys.IMG_4034 image1 (18)IMG_4037

Pet Giftbox: This box is $25 a month and each box helps feed 10 rescue pets. With Groupon the first box is $9.99. This was the cutest of all the boxes. Outside the box it was addressed to my dog! It was themed with a ocean in everything even the wrapping paper. Inside the box were two treats, two toys and a clean scented candle. The two treats were a salmon skin twist and calamari rings. Rover loved the snacks despite the smelliness of the calamari rings. The toys were a turtle and a octopus. My dog liked playing with both the toy.

The boxes are very exciting to get and my dog loved all the toys but since she is picky about snacks it is not worth it. I did continue with Pet Giftbox since the box was so cute. I will post this months Pet Giftbox soon.

Annual Fair!

DSC09354It is almost time for the San Diego County Fair. The fair opens on at 4pm on June 2nd. The theme for this year is country themed with where the west is fun. I was surprised to find out that the San Diego County Fair is the 5th largest fair in North America.

DSC09317DSC09280We got a sneak peak before it opens of all the newest food, events and attractions. There was cowboy spinning their lassoes around entertaining for miles.  There was llamas, sheep and goats to illustrate the animal’s that will be at the fair. There was a bar area showing off the drinks for this years beer, wine and distilled spirit and cocktail festival. Another festival being showed off was the upcoming asian festival which included traditional dragon costumes.DSC09334DSC09283 There was also this amazing artist creating a masterpiece. Another piece of art was this succulent covered horse who has an internal watering system.

image2 (7) DSC09341 DSC09351image1 (15) image2 (5)Of course we sampled all of the deep fried delicious goodies of the San Diego Fair. All types of deep fried goodies like fried fish, raviolis and chips. Lot of delicious food I needed a bigger stomach to try everything out. I started by starting at Chicken Charlie’s which had delicious deep fried bacon wrapped chicken leg. I also tried out the totally fried peanut butter meatballs. I was intrigued on what this would taste like. It tasted like an Italian spice meatball coated with this sweet crispy layer of batter. I could barely taste the peanut butter but it was pretty tasty.  I then presided for a Krispy Kreme ice cream chicken sandwich. It is two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts hit with maple syrup, powdered sugar and fruity pebbled as the “bread”. The middle of the sandwich is a deep fried chicken with vanilla ice cream. This is actually delicious and a perfect treat for the fair. Reminds me a bit of chicken and waffles. Although it may give you an intense sugar rush. Chicken Charlie’s will also have the fair classics again this year like Maui chicken or naked shrimp pineapple bowl, and the Krispy Kreme triple decker cheeseburger.DSC09324 There will be a Maui Burger which is a burger on a ciabatta bread with lettuce, carrots, spam and ghost pepper aioli. I sampled this out and the spicy level was mild but my does the spiciness build up after.DSC09275

DSC09278 (1) There will also be a grilled cheese specialties over at Grilled Cheese A Fair check out their variety. There was two types to sample but I did not taste them because I do not like cream cheese but I can tell you the most popular one was the jalapeno popper and bacon grilled cheese. The grilled cheese come accompanied with farm fresh fried chips.

DSC09295 DSC09297Farm to Grill featured cheese and bacon wrapped veggies and fruits with a dash of parmesan. The options included brussels  sprouts, pineapple and asparagus. I tried the pineapple and it was a combination of sweet and salty. was very interesting reminds me of the pineapple on the tacos de pastor.

DSC09290 (1)DSC09291As for Dessert there will be chocolate cupcakes covered in chocolate fondant. These were very tasty. There will also be a Food Network Wars winner featuring Ninja Pizza Cupcakes which is a tomato spiced cake with caramel mascarpone buttercream topped with candied pepperonis. It tasted like an all spice cake with sweet cream. It was very interesting especially with the candied pepperonis. I thought they were candied bacon but it also didn’t taste like bacon.

I can not wait for the San Diego County Fair to open and have get to experience everything.

This year there is something new coming to the fair and it is located at Downtown, San Diego. On Wednesday, May 24th at Island Street between 4th and 5th avenues there will be a giant cowboy party. The party will have live country music, and  beer garden featuring a special beer created especially for this year’s San Diego County Fair by Mike Hess Brewing Company, “Into the Sunset,” a blood-orange IPA.  Come on down for a chance to win pairs of tickets to Dan + Shay, Darius Rucker and LeAnn Rimes concerts and free Fair admission tickets. This event is free and family friendly.