Att Shape

IMG_4772Yesterday we went to check out AT&T Shape which is a two day expo combing technology with entertainment. This is the 2nd year that AT&T Shape has taken place. This year it took place at the Warner Brother’s Studio in Burbank, California. We arrived and check in was very easy. We came in on Saturday only and a little bit later than we expected due to traffic. We hit up the Expo and saw lots of amazing new things that were being introduced.94887488-5528-48E1-BD10-D43DFB522B8D

43A2D15C-3973-4D60-8310-99995626E9E8There were lots of VR experiences and new ways to capture 180 or 360 videos. One booth had a full body suit for gaming, film production and grasped all the movements with it’s sensors. A company called Whirlwind FX made a gaming system which makes you deeper immersed in the game. As you play the sensors throw air on you while your running and you can even feel the heat from things in the game when there is fire or something explodes. Lots of technology to explore in the exposition. Even some dancing robots.


We then went on to take the Warner Brother’s Tour and got to see the set of the show Mom. We also got to see lots of facades that were featured in different movies and television shows. We were allowed to walk around and check out some of the other facades in the area as well as catch some filming that was taking place. We got to see lots of the filming locations of Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girl, La La Land, Fuller House and much more. The building in the photo above was used for the first Spiderman with the infamous backwards kiss. I got to hold an oscar and man I was not expecting it to be that heavy.  BF825456-004B-480F-BAF5-AF6B1671D4791D0312DB-E1B8-49DF-87AA-619007719216 7ACC26CB-EDB9-43C2-92F1-8503F360F069We then took the museum tour and got some awesome photos. There was even enactment series for the show friends. We got to check out some of the movie magic. Haha I’m a giant! Enactment from the hobbit using movie magic aka I am much closer to the camera and my seat is closer.IMG_4765

At AT&T Shape there was also panels with amazing speakers. I wish we got to see more but there was so much to do we lost track of time. We did however check out the DC Universe and the Future of Storytelling and got to see some awesome new technologies to enhance the heros we all love. Best swag bags ever.

2AB9C3F3-9853-44CD-8128-2555631E5D55 To rap up the entire event there was a Shape Block Party. There lots of awesome things that we did not get to participate in like the hackathon, creat-a-thon, and lots of different speakers. Awesome event, can not wait for next years.


IMG_4698Olfactif is a subscription box that sends 3 samples per month. You can also choose to purchase a whole bottle later if you happen to love the scent. The subscription comes well packaged and comes with an envelope. Inside the envelope are descriptions of each scent. There is even a card describing the entire collection. This collection was inspired by the highway and visual scents of driving down the road in Los Angeles. It was very interesting to get 3 different perfumes and get to sample them out. I obtained this subscription at a discount by purchasing it from Groupon.

IMG_4700You or Someone like You: This one is my favorite out of the three. It smells like something I have smelled before. It is a minimalistic scent that brings a powerful impact.

Bracken Women: Smells like of floral leather.

Ambre: Deep musk vanilla scent


We were invited out to Snoice to try out some desserts. Snoice has lots of different desserts including shaved ice, halo halo, and ice cream. This is an awesome place with lots of creativity, they challenged the workers to create new desserts and add the best ones with the most points to the menu. We tried out 10 desserts in one night which equals a giant sugar rush.


Watermelon Shaved Snow: It was very cool and refreshing. It also had a slight taste of bubble gum.


Cereal Killer Blend (Left): Yum a cereal milkshake. I’m not sure what type of cereal but tasted like a blend of like fruity pebbles and Oreos.

Watermelon Blend: This is perfect for a hot day. Very tasty watermelon smoothie with hints of strawberry.


Horchata Shaved Snow: This was not my forte. It tasted like milky cinnamon. But my cousin loved it. She said it taste like a horchata popsicle.


Strawberry Oolong Milk Tea: Interesting tasted kind of intense.


Ube Mango Sticky Rice: This was the first time I have ever tried this before and was surprised to find out it is warm. Its a bit strange to eat rice with sugary condensed milk. It taste similar to the Filipino cassava cake. The mangos with the sugary walnuts gave it a nice taste.

Coconut Blend: The photos I took of this ended up blurry. It was like a coconut smoothie with brown powder sprinkled on top which I assumed was cinnamon but it did not taste like cinnamon.

IMG_4666 Strawberry Shaved Snow: light and airy strawberry shaved snow with condensed milk poured on top of it.


Lychee Shaved Snow: This was probably my favorite. I love the taste of lychee. It is so nice and light in texture but full of flavor. My cousin did not like this one and said it tasted like flowers, maybe she does not like lychee like I do not like horchata.


Breakfast Halo Halo: A new take on halo halo with cereal, milk, oreos, and mochi. It honestly tasted like eating cold cereal with ice. It could be better if it was creamier perhaps.

DSC02754 Pineapple Shaved Snow: I was expecting this one to be good but it was a bit strange. Kind of wish it had more flavor. The little popping balls were good thought. They added a nice touch to the shaved ice both visually and flavor wise.

Strawberry Surprise:

I did forget to include pictures of the last one which was a bonus. It was strawberry shaved snow with vanilla ice cream in the middle. It was interesting.

If you live in San Diego go check out Snoice! They have an awesome selection of desserts.