Viva Las Vegas

img_8245.jpgOff to Sin City for my cousins first time ever. We stayed at the Venetian and the room was really nice. We had a nice view of the west side of the strip. This hotel though is massive and we kept getting lost. The hotel is surrounded by people on singing gondolas. The resort also has a shopping area attached to it. Four days of relaxing at the pool, buffets, and exploring the Las Vegas strip. Its crazy there was seven pools here to explore including one day club pool. On the first day we went to walk across the street just to look down the strip.

img_8166.jpgWe ended up exploring inside the Wynn. Inside we saw this gorgeous merry go round made completely out of real flowers. Another memorizing place we saw floral displays were at the Bellagio. Inside there was an assortment of different structures all underwater themed.

img_8182.jpg img_8173.jpg img_8241.jpg img_8187.jpg img_8185.jpg

Since my cousin just turned 21 and it was his first time in Vegas we decided to go to dance at some clubs. We literally were not prepared and ventured off shopping to find outfits for two days. And ended up looking great for getting our outfits last minute. I wore a gorgeous white dress with nude heels.

img_8261.jpgFor the first day we went to the club that was located in the hotel called Tao. We ended up having a blast dancing and getting confetti blasted. While we were there Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bow Wow ended up taking over and dancing all night long.

img_8268.jpgFor the second night it was a lot more packed across the street at the Mirage for 1Oak. As we walked in there were people throwing dollar bills and poker chips. We ended up seeing Scott Disick. My cousin ended up having a blast and already wants to come back in December.

The New Revolution

Six Flags Magic Mountain recently introduced an upgrade to revolution now featuring Samsung VR technology. My cousins and I ventured to try out the new ride. The track for The New Revolution is exactly the same but the ride has received a new paint job.

The problem with the introduction of virtual reality is how slow the line moves due to the fact that you cant see once you put the headset on and someone has to help you strap on the headset. Once seated the ride itself feels a lot different than when you do not have the headset on. It especially feels really weird when you go and do the turns. The video on the VR system is a fighter pilot adventure. It was definitely an interesting ride and I can not wait to see what the future will hold for VR and rollercoasters.

Comic Con

This is the 4th year I have gone to San Diego Comic Con and the first time that we are unable to obtain preview night tickets. I got a Fantastic Beast backpack. We started off by looking through the exhibit hall. I love all the nostalgia associated with shows coming back such as the Powderpuff Girls as well all the shows Nickelodeon was featuring such as Hey Arnold.

Of course we had to check out some stuff for my favorite show The Walking Dead. There was some cool wax figures from the popular scene. I went to see a few panels but one that was really funny was the Walking Dead Panel that included Robert Kirkman. Also I was able to see Greg Nicotero who is in charge the makeup effects as well as directed some episodes of The Walking Dead. We were able to see him thanks to Screen Junkies. It was an interesting show and not a lot of people were inside. We also did not have to wait in a long line which was a huge plus compared to the long lines common to Comic Con.

We also saw some cool things down in the     Nintendo. We danced and entered the Mario Kart competition. We also played a few games. We obviously are obsessed with Pokemon Go that we had to take this picture to prove we want to be the very best.

We got to see actors as we walked down the street. This is Chadwick Boseman who plays Black Panther in the new upcoming film. He also plays the same character in Captain America Civil War. img_8076.jpg

We also saw Tom Hiddleston.Inside the Convention center I was able to get an autograph from Allen Bellman. He is the illustrator for the original Captain America. This guy has worked on so many comics along side Stan Lee. It is amazing to see him repping Captain America Rings and vest. It is crazy this man is 91 years old and is still doing autographs and running panels. It just so happens that this year is the 75th anniversary of Captain America.